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10 Unique Tourist Attractions Only in Indonesia

In terms of tourist destinations, Indonesia is the king in the Southeast Asian region. Unfortunately, most of the tourism in Indonesia is still very mainstream. Call it the beach in Bali or Lombok. Apart from Indonesia, beautiful beaches can also be found in Thailand or even countries in the European region.

Actually, Indonesia has a lot of unique and only tourism in the world. This destination cannot be found in other countries, so it deserves to be blown up so that many people know about it. Oh yes, this is a tourist spot in Indonesia that is truly unique and you will not find it anywhere in the world.

1. Kakaban Lake

Lake Kakaban is a freshwater lake that is truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In this lake, you will find lots of jellyfish that are not poisonous. Yes, these jellyfish have been trapped here for thousands of years so the poison is gone so you can jump in and swim in there. Currently, Kakaban Lake, which is located in the Derawan Islands, is starting to become a mainstay destination that is able to outperform Raja Ampat in Papua.

2. Ijen Crater

Tourist attractions that offer craters may have been found in many countries, including Indonesia. However, the only crater that can emit blue light at dawn is Ijen, Banyuwangi, Indonesia. In Ijen crater, you can do two interesting activities. The first is seeing the blue fire in the early hours of the morning and the second is trekking while watching the miners passing by tirelessly with very large sulfur stones.

3. Lake Toba and Samosir

What causes Lake Toba to be very unique and cannot be matched by other lakes in the world is the island in the middle. In this place, you can explore the vast lake while fishing or land on Samosir Island and enjoy the local wisdom of the residents who live there. Oh yes, when visiting this place, don't forget to eat because the food here is known to be unique and delicious.

4. Komodo Island

The determination of Komodo Island as one of the newest seven wonders is not without reason. This island is very exotic and beautiful in every corner. You can find interesting spots that contain Komodo dragons, giant lizards that only exist in Indonesia. Besides Komodo dragons, you can get a beach with very beautiful pink sand. Visiting Komodo Island will provide a valuable experience to anyone, including foreign travelers who are willing to come all the way.

5. Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting is a national park in which there are many amazing orangutans. When visiting Tanjung Puting, you can do a three-day tour. In this tour session, you will be taken around the forest area while walking along a very wide river. Satisfied with the view of the forest and the orangutans that sometimes appear, you can come to the captivity to feed these endangered animals.

6. Mount Kelimutu

The uniqueness of Mount Kelimutu is the presence of three crater lakes at its peak. This lake has different colors and always changes over time. Sometimes it is green, black, to blue depending on the water content and also the influence of the weather. Oh yes, for the locals, this lake is a place for the spirits to come home. Not surprisingly, the people here have great respect for Mount Kelimutu, whose crater is super unique.

7. Trunyan's Funeral

Visiting Bali would not be complete without visiting Trunyan Village. In this place, you will not find interesting tourist objects like in Kuta or Seminyak, but a very scary traditional cemetery. In this place, people who died were not buried in the ground. They were left alone on the ground covered with white cloth and covered with wood around them. Although left to decompose on the ground, the smell of the corpse was not at all smelled. This area remains fresh because the smell of corpses is absorbed by the Taru Menyan tree.

8. Baby's Grave (Passiliran)

Still about the cemetery, this time we jump to Tana Toraja. Here there is a unique place called Kambira which has a tree for baby burial. Those who died since childhood and had no teeth would be buried in the Tarra tree. This tree was chosen because it has a very high sap content. Local people think that this sap is a substitute for milk from his mother. Burial in this way is considered to return the baby to its mother's womb to be born again.

9. Dieng Crater

Unlike the Ijen crater which has blue fire, the Dieng crater actually has a crater that can move around. At certain periods of time, hot steam and volcanic materials move from one place to another. Not surprisingly, this crater is named Sikidang which is taken from the name of the animal Kidang (Deer) who likes to jump from one place to another quickly. Sikidang Crater is the main attraction even though it is located in a very cold highland.

10. Gong Cave

Gong Cave, located in Pacitan, East Java, looks beautiful not only because of the stalactites and stalagmites that fill the room. But also because of the many rocks that can echo the sound. Every time a rock is hit, a sound resembling a gong will be heard very loud and echoing. From rocks that can be used as gongs, this function has become famous and is currently one of the mainstay destinations in the Pacitan area.

The ten places above have a uniqueness that is difficult to find in other countries. So, before you have an obsession with traveling to many places in the world, why not visit the 10 places above. If foreigners are willing to go all the way to come, we who are in Indonesia should be more enthusiastic to visit him. Yes, no?

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