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Unlock the Secrets of Japan: 5 Insider Tips for a Perfect Cherry Blossom Vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun

Unlock the Secrets to Japan: Insider Vacation Tips for First-Time Travelers!

Mount Fujiyama

Japan is one of the countries in Asia that is never empty of travelers. Everyone in the world is very curious about this tour of Japan which is known for its anime and culinary tourism, especially ramen and sushi. One of the tips for a vacation to Japan is to prepare an e-passport that can save you more money because you don't need to make a visa to Japan. The method is also quite easy because you only need to register your e-passport at the Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate Office in Indonesia by bringing your e-passport and filling out the application form. However, that's not all. Let's look at the following vacation tips to Japan.

Take advantage of public transportation

When you go on a trip to Japan, you should only use public transportation. In Japan, all transportation is well integrated so that it is very easy for anyone, including tourists who are going there for the first time, to use it.

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You can take advantage of several choices of transportation facilities to move to many cities such as the Japan Rail Pass which is a special card that is useful for tourists from abroad who are traveling in the land of Sakura. One of the advantages of using a Japan Rail Pass is that you can ride Japan Railways trains for free and without limits as long as the card is still valid.

There is another option if you only want to visit a few cities in Japan, namely by relying on trains or buses by buying a cheap one day ticket.

Find Cheap Meals

It is undeniable that the cost of living in Japan is relatively expensive, one of which is the food. But not everything is expensive. You can still taste authentic Japanese food at affordable prices in some markets or street stalls. You can also eat at Depachika which is a special floor in a large department store that sells a variety of prepared dishes.

Staying at Non Hotels is More Affordable

If you have more budget, staying at a hotel can certainly be the main choice. However, if you have a limited budget, you should stay at more affordable non-hotel accommodations such as hostels, rent houses that can be filled by about 4-5 people, or even houses owned by Japanese people. You can easily get it on the internet.

Don't Miss Free Travel Destinations

Some tourist attractions in Japan are not all expensive, some are even free, you know. Of course you can save more money if you visit free tourist attractions, such as Meiji Shrine which can be accessed for free, landmarks in Asakusa, Ueno Park, Harajuku the giant Gundam statue in Odaiba which is suitable for selfie spots and Himawari no Sato (the largest sunflower garden in Indonesia). Japan), and Shibuya Street.

Booking Airplane Tickets Long Before Departure

Tips for traveling to Japan that also need to be done as well, namely looking for airline tickets long before the time of departure. These tips will give you a greater chance of choosing which airline to use. There are several airlines that offer quite affordable ticket prices to Japan. If you're lucky, sometimes there are airlines that offer cheap promos to Japan.

The best time to visit this land of the rising sun is in the spring around April because there will be lots of very beautiful cherry blossoms scattered and the wind there is also quite warm.

Those were the vacation tips to Japan that you need to know. Additional tips, it is also necessary to provide self-protection with travel insurance.

One of the benefits that can be felt is the cashless benefit for medical expenses guaranteed by the policy, if you have to be hospitalized when traveling abroad.

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