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From Manuscripts to Mount Fuji: Japan's Unique Offerings for Travelers and Writers Alike

 Japan Will Accept Foreign Tourists from 4 Countries in Tour Groups

Japan will accept foreign tourists who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 on small-scale tours from four countries, namely the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. This is related to the plan to open Japan to foreign tourists in June 2022, reported by Kyodonews.net, Wednesday (18/5/2022).

In the experimental stage, small groups of tourists will undergo a predetermined tour package to certain areas, so that their activities can be managed. Also read: Japan Plans to Accept Foreign Tourists Starting in June, Must Have Unique Booster Conditions, Japan Has a Cafe for Writers Pursued The Group Deadline only applies to tourists who have received three doses of vaccine (booster). Through this experimental stage, the government will be able to find out whether they can monitor the movement of tourists while learning to respond if a Covid-19 case is detected, in connection with the planned opening.

Later, there will be a guide for travel agents and lodging made by the Ministry of Tourism of Japan. "International travel is very important for economic activity and regional revitalization," said Japan's Tourism Minister, Tetsuo Saito.

News of the planned opening of Japan came a day after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida gave a speech in Britain. Kishida said that Japan plans to relax borders related to the Covid-19 pandemic starting in June, quoted from Kompas.com, Saturday (7/5/2022). Get selected news updates and breaking news every day from Kompas.com. Let's join the Telegram group "Kompas.com News Update", how to click the link https://t.me/kompascomupdate, then join. You must first install the Telegram application on your cellphone.

Unique, Japan Has a Cafe for Writers Chasing Deadlines

Japan has yet another unusual place. A unique cafe in Japan is for writers or translators, especially those who are chasing a deadline and want to get their work done on schedule. Writing is an activity that requires a creative process.

So, there may be writers who are bored if they are constantly in a stuffy work or office. Therefore, not a few of them choose to complete their tasks in other places, one of which is a cafe. However, there are a number of cafes that are not designed to be workplaces. In this regard, the State of Sakura offers a solution in the form of a special cafe for writers or translators who want to work in a focused and productive manner.

The name of the place is Manuscript Writing Cafe, which just opened last week in Koenji, Tokyo. Reporting from SoraNews24, Thursday (14/4/2022), Manuscript Writing Cafe or Genko Shippitsu Cafe in Japanese, is a special place for writers who are determined to be strong.

See Photo of Manuscript Writing Cafe in Japan (Twitter/@TakuyaKawai) Because, before sitting down, visitors must tell the staff about the type of writing that will be done, for example writing novels, articles, or scripts. This cafe also accepts other professions, including translators, editors, proofreaders, and people who work on manga storyboards.

In addition, visitors must include the purpose or target of writing for that day. Among other things, the number of words written, the number of pages translated, and the number of documents edited. After including the information in writing, new visitors are allowed to be seated.

The place itself is equipped with a number of facilities such as a power outlet, fast charger, and WiFi. Then, every hour, a staff member will come to check if the visitor has made progress against the previously set target. In fact, visitors can ask staff to provide a certain level of verbal warning. "Only people with a deadline can enter the Manuscript Writing Cafe!" wrote Takuya Kawai, the cafe owner, via his Twitter account.

Regarding the menu, this cafe is quite simple because it only provides coffee and water. However, if you are hungry, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks. Even if you can't completely leave the cafe until you meet the writing target, visitors are still allowed to buy snacks at the shop across the street. They can also order food through a delivery service, such as Uber Eats or Demaekan.

 Therefore, the cost at this cafe is quite affordable, which is 150 yen (approximately IDR 17,000) per 30 minutes. Visitors also have unlimited access as long as they work in this place. Keep in mind, according to the purpose, visitors are not allowed to leave the cafe before reaching the predetermined target, or before the cafe is declared closed. How, interested in trying?

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