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Parangritis Beach is an area in Yogyakarta that has a fairly strong magical power

The Eternal Charm of Jogja's Parangtritis Beach

Thus, attracting tourists to come and come again to the beach which has long been an icon of tourist attractions in Jogja. This place which has always been associated with the Queen of the South Coast never loses any visitors.

In the past, tourism was not developed and people were not aware of social media and selfies. Popular tourist destinations in Yogyakarta at that time were Malioboro, Baron Beach, Krakal Beach, Kukup and also Parangtritis Beach. Various parts of society and various parts of the region always take the time to visit this place.

Now, tourism has developed rapidly, most people are familiar with social media. Lots of tourism in Yogyakarta began to emerge and present a charm and beauty of its own.

However, this classic Parangtritis beach still stands firmly as one of the tours that will never be forgotten. Always crowded and an option.

Parangtritis beach does not necessarily lose its prestige as the prima donna of the entire community. In fact, currently Parangtritis is developing itself by sharing various kinds of rides that can be enjoyed. You could say, Parangtritis Beach is a modern tourism that is able to answer the needs of the times.

This area is able to provide a valuable lesson if the beach is not just sand, but also waves. However, there is another side that can still be explored further and deeper, depending on how the managers package it.

The presence of the myth of Nyai Roro Kidul does not just fade away. Because, what was feared by the community in the past has been answered scientifically. About the ferocious waves that can drag people and sink them to the bottom of the sea. If, in the past, old people would say if there were tourists who experienced such an incident, it means that the tourists were taken to another world, to the southern coast kingdom with the myth of a shirt or green colored shirt.

Facilities at Parangtritis Beach

The beach area is wide enough to make the manager try to offer a fairly extreme sport activity, namely ATV. The presence of this ATV was also welcomed by residents and tourists from outside the Jogja area. They like getting a new experience. With a price of 50 thousand for 15 minutes, all tourists can feel the sensation of riding this one motorbike.

There is another wagon that can be rented to enjoy the famous south coast wind blowing so fast. Only with 20 thousand only. Tourists will all be invited to tour from end to end of the beach. An interesting experience considering tourists who come from outside the city of Jogja such as Jakarta, and also Surabaya, where the existence of a wagon is practically non-existent.

Parangtritis Beach may be the only one that is able to combine sea water with fresh water. In this area, there are many artificial swimming pools that were deliberately built for children to play. With the presence of this pool, it can be a diversion for children.

As is known, the south coast waves are very scary. Moreover, the sea trough which is able to form scary coils, makes small children who are still innocent able to be carried away by the waves. There is not only one artificial swimming pool. Instead, there are many places with a variety of games. Like a ball, or a fountain and also a bucket of water that will fall when it is full.

One of the advantages of this artificial swimming pool is that the water is warm and refreshing. Playing in this pool is the same as playing on the beach and crashing the waves that come. The joy will be felt moreover, many children also come to play, presenting an excitement of its own.

Don't worry about the stomach. The traders have prepared a variety of food menus and snacks that can be enjoyed at a fairly friendly price. The taste is also quite delicious and of course safe for consumption.

parangtritis beach

On the edge of Parangtritis beach there are shady trees. Friend Travelers can all take advantage of these trees to relax with family, chat while enjoying the waves that feel very soothing. It's just that, to get to this place, tourists will be charged a tariff of 10 thousand rupiah.

Near the beach, large umbrellas have also been provided, just like being on Sanur Beach. With the same price of 10 thousand rupiah. However, in this place there are many buskers who spoil the view and spoil the atmosphere that has been formed from the start. I don't know why the busker option is also included to create a contemporary tour in this place.

The manager also established a contemporary photo spot, which is along the beach. With a price of only 10 thousand, tourists can choose which one will be used as a place to take pictures that will be part of the social media gallery of all of you Travelers.

Enjoying grilled corn and sitting on the beach is a pleasure in itself. Parangtritis also knew about this need and provided several roasted corn traders to provide various culinary snacks.

The best time to visit this beach is in the afternoon. Where the sun will set brings a very extraordinary natural charm. When bored with this beach. Travelers friends can go up to the top of the paragliding hill which is not far from Parangtritis.

On this hill, fellow travelers, all of them will present the beauty of the sunset with the sky and sun turning orange. Here there is also a small cafe that provides seating and snacks to spend the afternoon with loved ones.

Not satisfied with enjoying Parangtritis? Relax, there are many inns that can be rented. However, all tourists are obliged to stay at the Queen of Resort, Parangtritis. Because, this place offers a very different stay experience. Where, fellow travelers, all will be presented in a place that can be said to be a reflection of Bali.

Resort directly facing the beach, with a magnificent swimming pool and dining area that has quality. Per night, fellow Travelers have to spend 1.6 million rupiah. The price is indeed quite fantastic for an upscale stay experience that will definitely spoil all of you Travelers.

The last vehicle that must and should not be forgotten is the Paris tour. Where the concept is almost the same as the Merapi tour. All fellow travelers will be invited to tour several tourist objects around Parangtritis. There are various packages to choose from here, with prices that vary according to the distance and number of tours to be visited.

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Or, Friend Travelers can also feel what it's like to fly a kite on the beach. There are many kite sellers available with various shapes and colors that make children attracted to buy them.

Parangtritis Beach is a legend for tourism in Yogyakarta that will never fade with time. Don't forget to visit this place if you are in Yogyakarta. Feel the difference between modern Parangtritis and old Parangtritis.

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