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Favorite Tourist Destination That Has Lots of Beauty, yes Raja Ampat

Tourist Destination That Raja Ampat is an archipelago in West Papua. Raja Ampat has millions of beauties, especially the underwater scenery. Natural scenery in Piaynemo Raja Ampat, Papua Raja Ampat is a district in West Papua Province. This district has four large islands, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool islands. In addition, there are also 1,847 small islands in Raja Ampat. According to an explanation in indonesia.travel, the name Raja Ampat comes from a local

raja ampat
Raja Ampat, Indonesia

It used to be believed there was a woman who found seven eggs. Four of the eggs hatched and became the ruling king of the four big islands. While the other three hatched into stone, one became a woman, and the other became a supernatural being. Apart from the growing legend, Raja Ampat does have millions of interesting charms to review. The beauty of Raja Ampat Launching from indonesia.travel, explained that Raja Ampat is located in the western part of Papua and has an area of ​​​​approximately 4.6 million hectares.

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Raja Ampat is a paradise in eastern Indonesia. According to a report from The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, there are approximately 75% of the world's coral species in these islands. In addition, Raja Ampat also has 1,318 species of fish, 699 mollusks, and 547 coral reefs. Quoting from kkprajaampat.com, this archipelago is known to be in the heart of the World Coral Triangle. Strong deep ocean currents carry a wealth of nutrients in these waters to mangroves, saltwater lakes and seagrass beds.

No wonder Raja Ampat finally got the nickname "species factory" because it is the center of biodiversity. These islands have coral reefs that are very abundant. Coral reefs in these islands are home to other marine life. The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat makes many people want to see it directly by diving into the ocean. In this tourist spot, there are some of the best diving spots such as Kabui Passage, around Arborek Island Pier, Sauwandarek, Yenbuba, Friwen Wall, and many more.

Not only beautiful underwater scenery, Raja Ampat also has beautiful land views. You can enjoy the view of Batu Island from the top of the hill. Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat At the beginning, it was mentioned that Raja Ampat has several large and small island groups. So do not be surprised if this tourist spot has several mainstay destinations that you can visit.

The following are places in Raja Ampat that are beautiful and unique.

1. Pianemo Hill

Pianemo Hill is a place that is visited by many tourists who come to Raja Ampat. To get to the top of the hill, you have to climb hundreds of steps. So make sure you prepare physically strong. But take it easy, because in the stairwell area there is a small hut for a short break. Not only rest huts along the way, other facilities are also available on the hill. There is a balcony overlooking the Karst Island cluster. The long and tiring journey paid off with a beautiful view from the top of the hill.

2. Rufas Island

Rufas Island is located near Pianemo Hill. On this island there is a beautiful lagoon. The color of the water in this lagoon is bright turquoise and the sand is white on the edges. Soft white sand, equipped with small fish on the edge of the lagoon make the scenery of this island very beautiful.

3. Wayag Island

This island is located in West Waigeo Village, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. This island is famous for its unique color of sea water. The sea water on this island is light blue and dark blue. The color difference depends on the depth. In addition to the beauty of the color of the water, Wayag Island also has a group of beautiful small islands. This island is in the form of coral rocks that form an interesting cluster with the top overgrown with trees.

4. Salawati Island

Salawati Island is one of the four great islands in Raja Ampat. It covers an area of ​​1,623 sq km. This island has dense sago forest, almost three-quarters of the area of ​​Salawati Island. The sago tree grows wild accidentally planted. In this place you can find the unique Salawati rainbow fish species. This fish has a colorful skin color like a rainbow. The atmosphere of Salawati Island is also still very quiet and calm. So it is very suitable to be a place of relaxation.

5. Misool Pulau Island

misool island
Misool island

Another big island in Raja Ampat is Misool Island. This island is directly adjacent to the Seram Sea and the high seas which become the traffic of large animals including whales. This island has crystal clear waters and stunning marine parks. On the west and east coast there are coral islands that add to the beautiful beaches of Misool Island.

6. Kri Island

This island is the best diving spot in Raja Ampat. It is located in Yenbuba Village, in the Meos Mansar District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Kri Island has the beauty of the sea and its biota. This tourist spot is a beautiful snorkeling and diving location. The waves are also calm, so it is quite safe for water activities.

The water is very clear so you can enjoy the underwater scenery clearly. Access to Raja Ampat To go to Raja Ampat tourist sites, you can travel by air or by sea. But before arriving at the location, you have to come to Sorong first. For those on the island of Java, you can take a flight from Jakarta to Sorong. Or from another city to Sorong.

Travel using air transportation After arriving in Sorong, you can use a small plane to go to Raja Ampat. Traveling using air transportation, you will travel approximately 30 minutes. The flight starts from Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong to Marinda Raja Ampat Airport. Travel by sea In addition to using air transportation, you can also travel to Raja Ampa using sea transportation. This trip takes approximately 1-2 hours.

The sea journey starts from Sorong People's Harbor which is approximately 10 minutes from the airport. After that, you have to cross to Waisai Harbor. Transportation while in Raja Ampat Raja Ampat is very broad, to access all locations you need accommodation to go from one place to another. While in Raja Ampat, you can rent a boat. With this mode of transportation, you can explore the island comfortably and freely.

As a beautiful tourist spot, of course, many people want to visit this island. The question that often arises when you want to travel to a new place is related to the costs that must be incurred. The cost to Raja Ampat is certainly not the same for everyone. Everyone has a breakdown of the cost of their respective vacations.

Quoting from financialku.com, the following is the cost range to Raja Ampat.

Transportation costs from Jakarta to Sorong: IDR 3,000,000 - IDR 6,000,000. Sorong – Waisai sea transportation fee: IDR 130,000.

Ground transportation costs: IDR 15,000 – IDR 100,000.

Entrance fees to Raja Ampat: IDR 500,000/person for local tourists and IDR 1,000,000/person for foreign tourists.

Accommodation fee: IDR 250,000 – IDR 400,000.

Inter-island transportation costs: IDR 6,000,000 – IDR 13,000,000. Consumption fee: IDR 20,000/portion.

The cost details above are estimates only. Everyone's cost needs are different. You can first make details before vacationing in Raja Ampat.

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