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Unlocking Exotic Adventures on a Shoestring - Where Will 3 Million Take You?

Have You Recently Been Quietly Cultivating Your Wanderlust Savings Account from the Comfort of Home? If So, We Want to Hear All About Your Adventure Piggy Bank – How Much Treasure Have You Amassed, and Which Enchanting Corners of the World Are on Your Travel Wishlist?

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If it's still around Rp. 3 million rupiah, don't worry, some of these countries have currency values ​​that don't burden Indonesian citizens and prices that are relatively cheap.

Surely the following information is eagerly awaited. Want to travel cheaply abroad with a budget of only Rp. 3 million? Just slide into these countries


The choice of cheap traveling abroad with a budget of Rp. 3 million, then Vietnam. With IDR 700 thousand, you can reach Hanoi from Jakarta. Round-trip means that it costs Rp. 1.4 million.

So, what can you do in Vietnam with the remaining Rp1.6 million? Lots. First, look for lodging for three days in Hoan Kiem District. Many cheap lodgings with a rate of Rp. 200 thousand.

That's it, just have fun. Visit Hoan Kiem Lake which is nearby. Photos and sightseeing of the temple too. The average entrance fee to the temple here is around IDR 40 thousand dong or IDR 25 thousand.

Don't forget to enjoy the unique water puppet theater. Eating is also a must, including enjoying fragrant Vietnamese coffee.

Actually, a budget of Rp. 3 million is very sufficient if you want to travel cheaply abroad, especially in ASEAN countries. If you don't want to bother with taking care of your own accommodation, you can use the services of a travel agent.

They usually already have a tour package according to the budget we have. We just deposit the money, we can go straight away.


Besides the countries above, Cambodia is no less fun for you to visit, especially if you are a backpacker maniac, traveling around Cambodia will be very exciting, because for only IDR 50-250 thousand you can relax in hostels. Even to eat, you only need to spend no more than Rp. 50 thousand.

If you have arrived in Cambodia, don't forget to visit Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, a temple that is included in a UNESCO world heritage site, for a ticket you only need to pay IDR 198 thousand.

Well, in total, for traveling while in Cambodia, you only need a budget of around IDR 1.2 million. If you add a ticket from Jakarta to Phnom Penh for a round trip of IDR 1.8 million, so you just have to prepare a budget of IDR 3 million, cheap right?


Memorize this greeting first if you want to travel to Thailand. From Jakarta to Bangkok, many options are available. Want expensive, a lot. But there are cheap ones too. With IDR 800 thousand you can land in Bangkok. Back and forth means Rp. 1.6 million.

From a budget of Rp. 3 million, there is still Rp. 1.4 million. With Rp. 200 thousand, you can stay at the hotel. But of course I'm not satisfied if it's only for a day, at least three days, so the budget is only Rp. 600 thousand.

With the remaining Rp. 800 thousand, you can go for a walk and eat for three days. The first day the focus is on attractions in the city center. Visit the famous Erawan Shrine. Also visit the shopping center and the Chao Praya River. Second day, pass time in Pattaya. There is also a club that has dance and singing attractions presented by transgender people.

The last day, visit the tourist village of Nongnooch and be satisfied with shopping for souvenirs. IDR 800 thousand is definitely enough for that activity. There's always a way to save money on travel!


One of the favorite tourist destinations for Indonesians is Singapore. Moreover, with a budget of only Rp. 3 million, we can be wara-wiri in the Lion Country.

The cheapest flight ticket to Singapore is IDR 400 thousand. IDR 800 thousand in total for plane tickets, the rest is still IDR 2.2 million.

Hotel rates in Singapore are relatively high, but there are cheaper options. Take AirBnB, for example. You can also look for dorms or lodging for backpackers in the Lavender area, at least IDR 100-200 thousand per day. The remaining funds are still sufficient, for a trip to Merlion Park, Marina Beach, to Sentosa Island. Don't forget also to Orchard Road and culinary tours in Chinatown. There are so many things to visit in the Lion Land!


Bollywood lover? Well, it's obligatory to include this one country as your tourist destination. Don't worry, the budget you need is not expensive.

In India, you can enjoy a variety of delicious culinary delights at low prices, usually the budget required is no more than IDR 50 thousand. In addition, for a price of IDR 250 thousand, you can take an AC train with complete facilities. One of the wonders of the world that should not be missed (Taj Mahal / his travel)

If it's tourism, you can come to the iconic location of India, namely the Taj Mahal, to come there the fee is not expensive, only around IDR 250 thousand. With that price you can already explore one of the seven wonders of this world.

If you want the costs to be less expensive, you should look for a date that is not peak season. This is because flight and hotel fares will be cheaper. Also take advantage of certain promos to get low prices. For example, there is a discount if you use a certain credit card. Come on, get rid of stress by traveling cheaply abroad!

Well, if you want to be even safer, try protecting your vacation with travel insurance. The benefits are many, including financial coverage for us if we need medical treatment due to illness or accident outside the region or abroad.

In addition, travel insurance also covers replacement costs if our plane is canceled or delayed. Not to mention the reimbursement of administrative costs if you lose your baggage or passport.

Keep in mind, given the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries have not opened flights to and from Indonesia. The existence of additional costs is very possible, especially related to the implementation of health protocols.

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